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Beta testing is a vital part of launching a successful product. As a tester, you'll help us identify bugs and usability issues before launching DispatchJustice to the public.

During the testing process, you'll receive complimentary access to DispatchJustice in return for your patience, feedback, and insights and are eligible for a 90% discount on an annual membership once we launch to the public.

Testing also allows us to validate further how people would use DispatchJustice and ensure it will protect our members during a critical time of need.

Complete the application form below and help us launch a robust and effective service for others!

Technology to protect your rights

Fatal Police Shootings

On average, police fatally shoot 1,000 people nation-wide each year.

Police-Initiated Contact

29m or 11% of people living in the US had a police-initiated contact with police in 2018.

For Beta Testers

We're excited to announce our Beta program is reopened!!